12 May 2006

Little guests

Category: Family. Posted by mum2 at 20:05.

Our grand children stayed for the night. On the pictures they were watching tv and eating some ice-cream. Robbie is very cautious: something may fall down.

2 May 2006

Wild garlic – Ramsons

Category: Garden and plants. Posted by mum2 at 19:49.

How beautiful is the fresh green in spring! Everything is coming alive, except for the dog of course.

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“Eat leek in march and wild garlic in may, that keeps all year the doctor away“

Allium ursinum

1 May 2006

Evening dress

Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 19:33.

The first of may. Isn’t it contradictory: labourday and not going to work?

It was raining all day, so i started to “foefel“ a bit. I made a second barbiedress with a piece of fabric and some synthetic lace i still had: she’s ready to go to the grand ball.