26 September 2006

Random gadgets

Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 14:37.
Some selfmade/handpainted random gadgets.
Materials: crochetcotton, tootpicks, a small piece of wood, glue, paint and varnish.
Chandelier, featherduster and perfumebottle
Materials: a recycled broken Tifanylamp, tootpicks, beads, paint, eyelet and feathers from our chickens.
Writing case
Materials: paper, glue, small ribbon and an eyelet.
This was really pleasant to do. It used to be a blank, wooden draught-screen.
Almost, as i want it… A rope-carpet is being made.

18 September 2006

Viva España

Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 12:45.
A lot of good things come from Spain…
By this tutorial: CASAS DE MUÑECAS i made some tiny shirts.
I acquired a taste for it, and made a fancy one.

9 September 2006


Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 9:00.
Even a dollhouse doll needs a doll.
By means of a workshop on the internet, i made a very small doll. It’s size: 3,5 cm.
Later on i’ll try to make the same doll, with quickdrytacky glue, instead of thread. I ordert it in the UK earlyer this week.