29 January 2007

Mini fun

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Home-made tomatoes, carrots, crate and knots of yarn.

25 January 2007


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Today my latest ebay-purchase arrived: a hung rabbit, which completed a kitchenscene. The cooking-stove is – yes again – a gift from my son and his girlfrend.

21 January 2007

Birthday shopping

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I did some late birthday shopping at ”The Small World” in Nieuwpoort since i still had 2 gift coupons to spend.

Some Fimo, gloss and grassfiber.

4 tin-like dishes

A worktabel for the garden.

A Heidi Ott mahony sewingbox.

A really lovely Reutter laundry basket.

and last but not least this cute teddy bear, Napoleon on his horse and an opening book.

I also bought some ”Dollhouse water”, which wasn’t available at the time . The lady of the shop will send it to me.

This is how it works:
Fill a pan with water and heat the water to 60º C. Remove the lid from the pot or dollhouse water and put the pot in the pan. The heat of the water turns the dollhouse water to liquid. Stir occasionally. You can now use it for example to fill a bath or sink.
After adding colouring you can also fill wineglasses with it or make a pudding in a pudding tin.

I forgot to mention the garlic.

10 January 2007

Flower power

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Looking for something new to make i found flowers in 1/12″ scale. Here are my first experiments.