24 February 2007

Wooden wall

Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 15:46.
Finally complete. I shouldn’t start 10 projects at the same time…

20 February 2007

Knitting/sewing cabinet

Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 21:37.
Home-made sewing/knitting cabinet
Made out of a leftover from a thin plywood mushroomplatter. The knitting needles are in fact flowerpins.
This was the first time i used my dremel: i had to drill 19 little holes in a round piece of plywood. It works very precisely and quickly.
Next i glued 1,5 cm parts of toothpicks in those holes and wove crochetcotton around them. A piece of lace on the top gave the basket a delicate look.

11 February 2007

The beginning

Category: Summerhouse. Posted by mum2 at 14:20.
The small bricks have been cut out of cardboard egg-boxes.I’m trying to make a brickmodel with liquid latex. It really smells bad…
A paper model of the summerhouse has been made to know the measurements.
Some try-out for flowers and a bush.

5 February 2007

Beautiful !!!

Category: Summerhouse. Posted by mum2 at 22:04.
Isn’t it lovely? Let’s try to make a similar one…
I found the project over here.