28 May 2007

Roof and gardenpond

Category: Summerhouse. Posted by mum2 at 10:12.
The roof is being made.I also started on the garden.

24 May 2007

Update 2

Category: Summerhouse. Posted by mum2 at 19:58.
The brics are painted and flushed, the windows decorated and the flowerboxsupport glued to the wall. The flowerbox can be removed.
The floor has been bricked, painted and flushed too. The backside needs some more decoration.

20 May 2007


Category: Family. Posted by mum2 at 20:28.
A pic to look at, when you’re feeling a bit down.

17 May 2007

Workshop samplebook

Category: Workshop. Posted by mum2 at 13:30.

Workshop samplebook

Front samplebook

Back samplebook

13 May 2007

First Communion

Category: Family. Posted by mum2 at 19:21.
Today was our granddaughter First Communion.
It was a very busy day: the dinner took place at our home. Everybody seemed happy and in the evening we were pretty tired.
Her younger brother Sander wanted some attention too…

4 May 2007


Category: Doll's house. Posted by mum2 at 18:19.
The dollhouse arrived this afternoon… I had no time to open the box untill this evening.
Lots of parts, screws and a screwdriver…. Help!!!

1 May 2007


Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 16:05.
And again, it’s the first of may, labourday. I took advantage of the day off to finish some projects i started some time ago.
Today i also finished a second sewingcabinet.