25 September 2007


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”Cool” painted box for our grandson’s pebbles.

Purchase on ebay

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24 September 2007

Fodderhouse for the birds

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Home made

22 September 2007

New book

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My miniature garden book arrived today. It’s very practical. I recommend it to everyone who likes the mini-hobby.

This is the comment from the bookstore:
A guide for miniaturists and dolls’ house enthusiasts, this book shows how to make everything for a 1/12 scale garden, including the flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, paving, fencing and gates. Eight projects are demonstrated, each with its own construction plans, and detailed accounts of materials.
An exquisite 1-12th scale garden perfectly complements any dolls’ house. “Grow” your own from inexpensive and readily available materials. Choose from a variety of realistic miniature plants that range from quick and simple models to meticulously detailed reproductions. Full plans and instructions are provided for eight projects: Trellis Arch, Walled Garden, Patio Garden Pond and Rockery, Cottage Garden, Greenhouse Garden, Kitchen Garden, and Window Boxes.

20 September 2007


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A non expensive purchase is not necessarily a good one: a part of the backwall is missing…

18 September 2007

Rocking chair for the children’s room

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Just for fun…

15 September 2007


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Potting soil and organic fertilizer is needet for the flowerboxes…

11 September 2007


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I’m going to put this little shed at the back of the summerhouse.