7 September 2010


Category: Mushrooms. Posted by mum2 at 19:39.

Echt judasoor
Hirneola auricula-judae

Gestreepte nestzwammetje
Cyathus striatus

Roze stinkzwam
Mutinus ravenelii

Gewoon eekhoorntjesbrood
Boletus edulis

5 September 2010

Do you see me?

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Mushroom Kingdom

Category: Mushrooms. Posted by mum2 at 17:07.

Fistulina hepatica

1 September 2010

Chinees desk

Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 17:49.
This blanc wooden bureau came as a present of a colleague. By means of some black paint and some blossoms it looks like a Chinees one.