31 March 2006

Bedlinnen barbiebed

Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 19:40.

Today i finally finished the bedlinnen for the barbiebed.

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29 March 2006

Dinner set

Category: Furniture 1/12". Posted by mum2 at 20:18.

Ain’t it cute: a 1/12” scale dinnerset, sold by an ebay-shop: The porcelain shop

26 March 2006


Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 19:36.

I found a cute twined chair in a secondhand store “ De Kringwinkel“. With some paint and cushions it will get a new life as a doll’s seat.

12 March 2006

Chest for doll’s blankets

Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 18:32.

Yessss, again some furniture for barbies. A week ago i found boxes meant for sugarbeans, a closet, two little rabbits, a little chest and a small bookcase. I found them in a rather big shop, called “ AVA“, meant for catering.
Over here it is a custom to give those sugarbeans when a baby is born.
The box will make a good chest for doll’s blankets.

10 March 2006


Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 15:14.

I found out where one of the e-bay sellers got his barbie-furniture.
This is it: Dianehobby
When you select “Supports à décorer“and then “Meubles de poupées“, you will see some of that furniture.

I ordered a dressingtable, and it was delivered today. I won’t get out of work this way…

23 april: done!!!

9 March 2006

Teddy yarn

Category: Barbie stuff. Posted by mum2 at 21:17.

Yesterday, i bought some yarn of Bergère de France. Real funfur. And it is fun to knit with too. The result is some very soft tissue, perfect for a doll’s carpet.

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The result: two carpets, a pillow, a handbag out of de sixties and a jacket.