15 April 2009

This is Aalst …

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When we were young, we had the opportunity to buy a large piece of land : 43 square meters. Being at the time members of Greenpeace, we planted many trees to compensate the CO2 our family would produce.

We had one lovely neigbour and we thought we could live happily ever after. Less was true: new neigbours arrived on the other side. The first years all went good: they loved the trees, we didn’t have to remove any of them…until 9 years ago. The neigbour, 35 at the time, stopped working. The torture started.

In the year 2000 we were invited to the court of Aalst: they wanted us to remove most of our trees which are 30 y. old. It all resulted in a long term procedure with experts, bailiffs and a few judges.
The verdict in the beginning of this year was: remove all the trees (32) within 4 m from the fence – remove the trees out of roots of our trees in the neigbours garden – dig out the roots 1 m deep and fill it up with garden mould (in a parkzone!!!).

This is uncredible in a time like this. The governement wants us to plant more trees to decrease the pollution. The court thinks otherwise…
It is as clear as plain day-light : not what you are or do counts, but who you know…

The garden as it was a few months ago.
Once proud Maples
The king of the garden:
a mighty White Poplar
Our son planted the European Ash when he was 10
the Ash had to go too
This men gave us a lot of help – with respect and precision
All the trees are cut down… No respect for them. The lady next door can take her sunbath.
I wish trees could take revenge!